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The Story of You and Your Crew

Opening Shot of Documentary - student talking to camera in Yosemite

In The Story of You and Your Crew students explored how to best build community in small groups through observation, reflection, documentation, and strategic planning. Academic Skills and Content: students learn storytelling techniques through the use of storyboards, script writing and technology integration.  Students also developed collaboration skills as well as skills in leadership and […]

¡Tierra y Libertad!

The ¡Tierra y Libertad! project focused on the Mexican Revolution.  Students worked in groups ranging from two to five people and were given a menu of project products to choose from. Examples included creating a magazine or newspaper, making a movie with Corrido, building a 3-D map, designing a scrapbook or creating an illustrated timeline. […]

The Math Exhibition Project

In the Math Exhibition Project students were tasked with creating a math museum of visual and/or interactive artifacts.  They also had to be able to explain the math behind their exhibit to any visitor at the math exhibition day. The students brainstormed ideas for the exhibit.  They voted on their top three favorite ideas. One […]