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PBL Essentials Stars In The Parks

In light of the recent National Park closures, students explored how people use parks to connect to themselves, each other, and to nature. Students used the design thinking process to create a product that preserved and enhanced a local, state, or national park. They visited various parks to do field work for their products as … Continued

PBL Essentials Bottle Rocket Launcher

In the Bottle Rocket Launcher project students are tasked with designing and building rocket launchers and bottle rockets that can fly up to 100 feet in the air.  Watch the video to the left of this text for more details about the scope and sequence of the project. Academic Skills and Content: This project is … Continued

PBL Essentials Water Woes

In the Water Woes Project, Davis Middle School students investigated local drinking water quality, after learning that local residents complained of brown, smelly water coming from their taps.  These teachers and students investigated this as a project in their 7th grade Science, English, and History classes. Academic Skills and Content: Proper scientific data collection and … Continued

PBL Essentials Saving Earth’s Endangered Elements

In the Saving Earth’s Endangered Elements project seventh grade science students researched the natural resources found within their cell phones and other electronic devices and created infographics to display their work. They utilized real-world data to understand the formation and distribution of these natural resources around the globe. By investigating human use and human impact … Continued