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PBL Essentials Saving Earth’s Endangered Elements

In the Saving Earth’s Endangered Elements project seventh grade science students researched the natural resources found within their cell phones and other electronic devices and created infographics to display their work. They utilized real-world data to understand the formation and distribution of these natural resources around the globe. By investigating human use and human impact … Continued

US map made of photos

PBL Essentials The Face of America

In “The Face of America” students examined the movement of people into the United States through a political, cultural, and personal lens. They analyzed the current discourse about immigration in the US, grappled with immigration myths, looked at motivations for movement across borders, traced border policy throughout history, and collected stories of immigration in our … Continued

Student showing a visitor her exhibition

PBL Essentials Why Does Water Matter?

In the “Why Does Water Matter?” project students explored water’s value, relevance to life, need, elements, cultural meaning and connection to a protest piece. This project was designed for Court/Probation school. Academic Skills & Content: Collecting information through research, Scientific analysis, understanding bias and opinion, Native American culture, collaboration, critique. Final Product: an exhibition of … Continued