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UnBoxed is a peer-reviewed journal of reflections on purpose, practice and policy in education, published twice yearly by the High Tech High Graduate School of Education. We serve a broad readership around the country and the world, and welcome submissions from K-12 teachers, administrators, students, teacher educators, policymakers, researchers, and other informed observers of education. In addition to reflections on practice, submissions may include essays on purpose and policy, accounts of teacher research, scholarly articles, project designs, tools, photography, art, and student work.

Submissions may take the form of articles or 2-sided cards that describe a project, practice, or tool.
Article submissions should be limited to 2500 words and adhere to the UnBoxed Style Guide. Please include a brief biographical statement limited to 200 words with your submission, as well as an any high-resolution images you feel would complement your article.


Card submissions should include a brief project/tool description, teacher reflection(s), and student reflection(s) limited to 375 words. Contributors should also include several high-resolution images that could appear on the image side of the card. We invite contributors to design the image side of their card and send us their completed design.

Send submissions to:
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HTH Graduate School of Education
Attn: UnBoxed Submissions
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Peer Review Process
Article submissions are reviewed by at least two peer reviewers. Our peer reviewers are carefully selected to represent a range of thought leaders,  scholars and practitioners at both the K-12 and university level. Each article is reviewed using the following criteria:
  • Accessibility: Is the article engaging and accessible to a broad audience of educators?  
  • Usefulness: Does the article provide useful examples from practice that speak to broader issues in education?
  • Insight: Does the author describe insights into teaching and learning?
​Reviewers offer their feedback on the above criteria, and then make one of the following recommendations: Accept with Minor Revisions, Accept with Major Revisions, or Reject. In the first two cases, reviewers provide additional notes to guide the author’s revisions. Following acceptance, each author is assigned an editor, a member of the UnBoxed Editorial Board, who works with them to prepare the final manuscript.