The “1619 Project” Project

In the “1619 Project” Project, students explored the impacts of the USA’s history of race-based slavery on the social, financial, and political systems that underpin modern America. Key Academic Skills & Content: Students read and listened to podcasts of selected essays from the New York Times’ Pulitzer Prize-winning 1619 Project, published in October 2019 on […]

Stars In The Parks

In light of the recent National Park closures, students explored how people use parks to connect to themselves, each other, and to nature. Students used the design thinking process to create a product that preserved and enhanced a local, state, or national park. They visited various parks to do field work for their products as […]

The Modernized Media Maker Space

Teacher gesticulating in messy room

In the Modernized Media Maker Space project, four high school teachers set out to redesign an antiquated media arts classrooms into a state-of-the-art industry-standard studio where students can learn professional skills. Academic skills & content: Marketing and communication skills, working within bureaucratic systems, industry-specific needs for professional spaces, networking, effective real-world writing, engineering,  architecture, interior […]

The Story of You and Your Crew

Opening Shot of Documentary - student talking to camera in Yosemite

In The Story of You and Your Crew students explored how to best build community in small groups through observation, reflection, documentation, and strategic planning. Academic Skills and Content: students learn storytelling techniques through the use of storyboards, script writing and technology integration.  Students also developed collaboration skills as well as skills in leadership and […]

Bias-Busting Obstacles

In the Bias Busting Obstacles project secondary students learn how human brains and historical context predispose us to be biased against those who are different– and how, through reflection, education, and activism, we can elect to change. Their learning culminates in an exhibition, for which students design, build, and curate a bias-busting obstacle course.  The goal […]

Project ME

Student working on painting

In Project Me students drew upon the notion of street art as an unsanctioned form of visual art displayed to make a statement about the community in which an artist lives, exploring their individual identities and experimenting with various media to create original street art. Facilitated by language arts, math, and digital media arts teachers, […]

The Pull Toy Project

Students holding unicorn pull toy

In the Pull Toy project, students created a pull toy to exhibit during our Annual Pull Toy Parade. The pull toy needed to be designed so that a gear mechanism attached to the wheels would make another part of the pull toy move (such as a wagging tail, flapping wings, or a nodding head). As […]

The Winter Crafts Store

In The Winter Crafts Store fifth grade students raised money for a field trip by  working in teams to design, create, market, and sell a product for our Winter Crafts Store. Essential Question: How do we work together to produce quality products and market them to make maximum profit? Final product: a handcrafted product that […]

The Game Board Project

In the Game Board Project students created board games that would help elementary and middle-school students learn about either the physics of electricity, or science or math concepts that are relevant to their grade level. Final Products: a playable board game with instructions, electrical circuit layout, and component list, Key Academic Skills and Content:  Understanding […]

Shark Tank: The Four Industrial Revolutions

The Shark Tank project brings together 11th grade English, History, and Math (Integrated Math III) to explore concepts of exponential growth and programming, and analyze how society has responded the four Industrial Revolutions. Throughout the course of this project, teams harnessed the power of industry 4.0 through the use of a “chatbot” integrated into a […]

Water Woes

In the Water Woes Project, Davis Middle School students investigated local drinking water quality, after learning that local residents complained of brown, smelly water coming from their taps.  These teachers and students investigated this as a project in their 7th grade Science, English, and History classes. Academic Skills and Content: Proper scientific data collection and […]

Ultimate Transformation

In the Ultimate Transformation project students researched a key figure from the Renaissance and a key modern individual. Students came up with an adjective which connected all three individuals together, including themselves. Final Products: Students created an art piece depicting significant images to represent the three individuals, along with a central image and the connecting […]

Celebrating Culture Through Food

student posing next to the food she made for exhibition

In the “Celebrating Culture through Food” project Students created a cookbook with other classmates with recipes that were derived from their own culture. Each recipe showed the correct proportions in order to feed a crowd. Students connected with the history and culture of the food, studying its nutritional values and its physical and mental effects […]

Why Does Water Matter?

Student showing a visitor her exhibition

In the “Why Does Water Matter?” project students explored water’s value, relevance to life, need, elements, cultural meaning and connection to a protest piece. This project was designed for Court/Probation school. Academic Skills & Content: Collecting information through research, Scientific analysis, understanding bias and opinion, Native American culture, collaboration, critique. Final Product: an exhibition of […]

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