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In the Ultimate Transformation project students researched a key figure from the Renaissance and a key modern individual. Students came up with an adjective which connected all three individuals together, including themselves.

Final Products: Students created an art piece depicting significant images to represent the three individuals, along with a central image and the connecting adjective. Honors students also created transitional images connecting key figures and themselves. Some students also included quotes of inspiration from these individuals. Students created a website of all three individuals to explain the meaning behind their painting.

Essential Question: How Will I Transform the World?

Key Academic Skills & Content: European history including the renaissance, reformation, and enlightenment; collecting and organizing research; art skills including watercolor painting, ink drawing,  and chalk pastel; explanatory writing;  web design.

Students researched background information on their Renaissance figure and their modern inspiration. They organized their thinking into charts, triple venn diagrams, and other graphic organizers. Students practiced artistic skills with watercolors, acrylic paint, chalk pastel, ink, and pencils. Students used written skills through their explanations for their paintings, and they used technology for creating their website. Students worked on listening and speaking skills throughout the process.

Suggested Duration: 12 weeks



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