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In the Triangle Centers Portfolio Project students are tasked with solving six mini-projects which are organized into a portfolio and combine algebra, geometry, and literacy skills. Portfolio Items #1-5 take place as semi-real-world scenarios in which students will:

  1. Calculate the cheapest location for an airport,
  2. Find the center of a circular garden when they only know the location of 3 trees,
  3. Craft an evidence based argument for where a cell tower should be placed to restore service,
  4. Determine the likelihood of landing in different regions on a dart board and come up with a sequence of throws to earn a specified number of points,
  5. Locate the center of a fountain inside a koi pond AND find out how long each option really is at baseball conditioning practice

Item #6 is a chance for students to be creative and design their own scenario which includes a map, storyline, and construction. This piece encourages creativity! To round it out, they are also asked to complete an overarching reflection piece to help them practice an analysis of their experience and practices they engaged in.

Academic Skills and Content:

Final Product: Students submit all six parts as a portfolio demonstrating their learning in these topics. The last item has the option of being hard-copy, electronic, or a hybrid.

Suggested Duration: 2 weeks



Created with the support of the California Department of Education California Career Pathways Trust