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HTH Unboxed

In The Winter Crafts Store fifth grade students raised money for a field trip by  working in teams to design, create, market, and sell a product for our Winter Crafts Store.

Essential Question: How do we work together to produce quality products and market them to make maximum profit?

Final product: a handcrafted product that has been refined through market research and financial analysis, produced in a large quantity for sale in the Winter Crafts store.

Key Academic Skills and Content: Students demonstrate language arts skills by creating a product proposal, marketing materials and product display. Students’ math skills are reinforced by counting money, making change, calculating unit cost and item and profit analysis. This project also addresses important life skills that students will need for future success. In particular, students are guided in filling out job applications, learning customer service skills, and matching their strengths to particular skill sets needed for jobs at the Winter Crafts store. With this experience, students learn how crucial collaboration is for meeting goals in the project and in life.

Suggested Duration: 6-8 weeks



Created with the support of the California Department of Education California Career Pathways Trust