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In the Sustainable Ecosystems project, students explored various ecosystems using Google Expeditions Kits and researched the human impact on these ecosystems. The Google Expeditions Kits are not cost-prohibitive, as they use the student’s own smartphone paired with an inexpensive cardboard headset, costing about $10 each.

Academic Skills and Content: students learn about Earth’s ecosystems through tech integration.  Students identify and analyze Earth’s seven ecosystems, using Google Applications for discovery, research, writing, and presentation. They present ecological issues, such as degradation, and problem-solve to find solutions. Students create a “call-to-action” for a specific issue affecting one of Earth’s ecosystems.

Final Product: students culminate their learning by creating a self-contained ecosystem alongside a public service announcement opposing adverse human impacts on the environment.

Suggested Duration: 3 weeks.



Created with the support of the California Department of Education California Career Pathways Trust