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The Shark Tank project brings together 11th grade English, History, and Math (Integrated Math III) to explore concepts of exponential growth and programming, and analyze how society has responded the four Industrial Revolutions.

Throughout the course of this project, teams harnessed the power of industry 4.0 through the use of a “chatbot” integrated into a website to articulate their understanding of their industry and it’s growth through the four industrial revolutions as well as to make a case for its continued growth in the future.

Students developed, prepared, and marketed an investment plan to pitch to our Shark Tank audience on an industry of the groups’ choosing. Students demonstrated their knowledge of each Industrial Revolution and had their chatbot explain how the inventions and industrial breakthroughs reflect that age. In other words, their project literally spoke for itself.

Key Academic Skills and Content:



Social Science:

Final Products:

Suggested Duration: five weeks



Created with the support of the California Department of Education California Career Pathways Trust