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In the Saving Earth’s Endangered Elements project seventh grade science students researched the natural resources found within their cell phones and other electronic devices and created infographics to display their work. They utilized real-world data to understand the formation and distribution of these natural resources around the globe. By investigating human use and human impact on these natural resources, students were able to further expanded their work and understanding. Throughout the unit, students realized they wanted to put their actions where their learning was, so we hosted our first electronic waste recycling event. The project concluded with student created Public Service Announcements working as a Call to Action to recycle and conserve these limited natural resources for future generations.

Essential Question: How can we change our use of natural resources to make a positive impact?

Academic Skills & Content: Map making and interpretation, scientific research, creation and analysis of graphs, scientific drawings, identifying patterns in data, natural resource formation, distribution and uses of natural resources, rock cycle

Final Products: Endangered Element Infographic and Video Public Service Announcement

Suggested Duration: 8-10 Weeks



Created with the support of the California Department of Education California Career Pathways Trust