Project Save The Earth is a collaboration between art, math, English, physics, and Spanish, focused around the challenge of saving the planet from environmental catastrophe. The project culminated in a shared exhibition, but each class created its own final products (you can see the project sheet here). This page focuses on Art, where students focused on producing a “call to action”.

Essential Question: How can we influence a certain audience to minimize their impact on the earth?

Final Product: A stop-motion video or interactive activity that incorporates pathos and logos in order to give a “call to action” to participants to minimize their impact on the earth.

Key Academic Skills and Content: Concept designs, final designs, sculpture, video animation, marketing take away, applying ethos and pathos to their deliverable, using painting and drawing skills to apply the elements and principles of design.

Suggested Duration: 6-7 weeks



Created with the support of the California Department of Education California Career Pathways Trust

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