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In Project Me students drew upon the notion of street art as an unsanctioned form of visual art displayed to make a statement about the community in which an artist lives, exploring their individual identities and experimenting with various media to create original street art. Facilitated by language arts, math, and digital media arts teachers, students refined key academic skills and concepts in an authentically interdisciplinary fashion. Through field trips, collaboration with local street artists, mentoring middle school peers, and production of works of art, students were encouraged to use their voices, creativity, and artistic expression to declare themselves in our community. Ultimately, students connected with city officials and local arts advocates to restore a 40-year-old mural adjacent to the school.

Specifically, Project Me students engaged in the following:

And they created the following:

Key Academic Skills & Concepts

English Language Arts:


Career Technical Education:

Suggested Duration: 12 to 18 weeks



Created with the support of the California Department of Education California Career Pathways Trust