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Our goal is to foster project based and deeper learning throughout classrooms in SFUSD to shift student experience and outcomes towards realizing the vision as laid out in our SFUSD Graduate Profile. We believe that change happens by recognizing and building off of bright spots and generating inspiration and educator buy in rather than a top down/hierarchical model.

In fall 2018 the Professional Learning and Leadership Team in SFUSD (a small central office team) launched a pilot PBL program bringing together nine teachers from nine different secondary schools interested in engaging in PBL and lesson study. Each teacher is supported through ongoing leadership coaching and a monthly PLC called the Teacher Leader Fellowship. Each teacher facilitates a lesson study team of 3-6 colleagues at their site around an inquiry question to do with PBL. This is one example of supporting teacher leaders to lead PD for and by teachers based on an area/need as determined by teachers. This opt in model supports making teaching and learning public. See the purpose and goals of the program. Lesson study teams share their learning (student work protocols, peer observations) with each other and open up their classrooms to educators throughout SFUSD. One team launched a cross site public research lesson as a PD event for any interested teachers, coaches and principals to learn alongside the team. We learned that inspiration and building shared understanding and visioning are key ways to spark change.



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