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In Oceanside Rising students first identify problems in their community that will then serve as the backdrop for learning the necessary mathematical skills and answering the following essential questions:

  1. How might we use mathematics to solve real problems in our communities?
  2. How can we inspire students to solve problems and bring change to their community?
  3. How can we make our voices heard to spark the change needed?

Academic Skills and Content: Using systems of inequalities, students bring awareness to local issues by creating a city map with the affected areas shaded. Using geometry and constructions, students design and create decals that bring awareness to the issues they care most about.  The project culminates in a community presentation bringing awareness to their concerns through their work.

Final Products: a city map of community problems, and decals designed to raise awareness of specific local issues.

Suggested Duration: one semester



Created with the support of the California Department of Education California Career Pathways Trust