In the El Noticiero Escolar project students formed an editorial committee for their own newsroom, and researched and reported on three themes: one investigative report (expository writing), one opinion piece on a topic of their choice (persuasive writing), and one book review for their final publication. Throughout project students conducted Close Reading and Analysis of Multiple Complex Texts Read, annotating, and synthesizing information to formulate a central argument. They developed media literacy skills, as well as effective communication skills for collaboration and production of a joint project with multiple components. They also honed their public speaking skills for clarity and elaboration during their newscasts.

Final Products: students collaborated with 826 Valencia, a nonprofit focused on writing by young people, to publish a podcast, a written magazine/newspaper, and a TV news segment. Their final work was critiqued by a panel of community members during a whole school academic exposition night. After appropriate revision, the final project lives as a source document in our school site library and in our shared homeroom news folder.

Suggested Duration: 9-12 weeks



Created with the support of the California Department of Education California Career Pathways Trust

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